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Just wanted to leave a quick update in light of the recent earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. The images from this disaster have really shocked us, especially since memories from our trip to Japan just two weeks ago are very fresh in our minds. While we weren't traveling in the areas that suffered the most damage from the quakes and tsunami, we cannot help but imagine the country in turmoil over its losses. Our hearts go out to Japan and all those affected by this tragedy.

Taiwan was put on the tsunami warning list shortly following the event, however, reports state that the East coast of Taiwan saw waves peaking at 50 cm, so we are very safe. While Taiwan made it out of the danger safely, there are many communities across the Pacific that are dealing with earthquake and tsunami damage, especially those in the Northeastern parts of Japan.

If you'd like to help the relief efforts through donation, please make sure to research the organizations you are interested in donating to beforehand, so as to not waste your contributions.


Blog updates: We apologize for another long gap of silence. We have been spending our winter break from school like no other, reuniting with our good friend in Hsinchu (新竹市) and traveling by scooter all throughout the northeastern and eastern coast of Taiwan, followed up by a thirteen day side trip to Japan (which will be featured in a separate blog in due time; please bookmark and subscribe in the meantime). We'll be chronicling all of our adventures here within the next month and sorting through thousands of photos, videos, and thoughts so please bear with us.

In the mean time, please check out our Tumblr microblog for a glimpse at some pictures that didn't fit in anywhere else and some Taiwanese cultural tidbits.

As always, thank you for your support~!

-- Sara

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