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The late afternoon sun broke out from between the clouds as Lara and I approached Joyce sitting on a bench outside of the main entrance to NTU, one day before the Moon Festival (中秋節: literally, Mid-Autumn Festival). The streets were very busy, as many people return to their homes and families during this time to celebrate the fullness of the moon as a representation of the wholeness of the family. We were lucky to get a glimpse into the life of a traditional Taiwanese family that night as well as have Joyce and her older sister guide us through the famous areas around Sansia (三峽).

家家戶戶都團團圓圓 - Every Family Reunites )


Sorry for the unusually long hiatus. We will be updating more regularly now that we have adjusted to moving into a new apartment and schoolwork/language exchange. We've done much exploration and documentation during our break from our blog so rest assured that there will be more to come~!

Also, Lara forgot to bring her camera during this journey, so we apologize for the lower quality of the photos and the lack of photos for some parts. We do plan a re-visit of the aforementioned areas and will post pictures in a later blog and on our online photo album. Thank you!


-- Sara

Disclaimer: Photography in this post done by Joyce and Joyce's sister. Thank you~!

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何靜寧 & 何靜嵐 --- Sara & Lara

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