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Delphine, Lara, and I walked among the many booths of over 100 NTU clubs during the clubs exhibition day. I was in a sea of sound, the only language being Chinese -- students shouting from all directions, advertising their clubs and their pamphlets. Dancers and martial artists filled the streets, calligraphers and musicians demonstrated their talents from within their tents. Every once in a while, a life raft carried by several shirtless men would parade through the crowd; there were two girls wearing swimsuits standing in the boat and holding signs advertising the NTU Lifeguard Club. Every single activity and hobby that one could hope to do was lined up and down the main street of 台大 (NTU), enthusiastically competing for new members and it was glorious.
The main street of NTU filled with tents for the NTU clubs exhibition.

If You Meet The Buddha, Kill Him )

-- Sara

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