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These past couple of weeks have been plagued by a passing sickness, general busyness (we are here for academic purposes after all... supposedly), as well as every video editing program out there trying to assassinate my patience, so my apologies for the long hiatus. Nevertheless, I present to you... Images of Taiwan*! (Again, lots of pictures and videos; modems beware.)

From Taoyuan to Taipei to Shilin to Danshui and Beyond! Read on... )

Bust through the heavens.


Since then, Sara and I have been struggling to overcome our respective colds while adjusting to our new life here in Taiwan. Although the initial "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" phase has finally passed, we are continuing to seek out new experiences day by day. So far, our Chinese classes as well as our other NTU courses are progressing smoothly, and it seems we'll have plenty of time to devote to club activities or general shenanigans without having to spend too much time devoted to academia, which is nice.

So expect more posts from us as our adventures continue. Thanks for all of the comments and support up until now, everyone! 謝謝光臨!


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何靜寧 & 何靜嵐 --- Sara & Lara

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